Friday, December 14, 2012

My first TGIFF!

This is my first Thank Goodness its Finished Friday! Last night I finished my mom's sea quilt. I did the last few waves of quilting then added the double fold binding. Ironing the binding took forever, then carefully sewing it on by machine took over an hour probably, but I'm rather impressed with myself. I don't think I would sell a quilt in a similar condition, but that is why I'm practicing on my family first. They all seem to think they are entitled to the stuff I make anyways. Do they realize how much fabric and batting is? And the time that goes into it? Probably not, but I love them and it is good practice.

I added a cute sandpiper print on the back and a little piece on the opposite side binding. My mom loves sandpipers (the little birds at the beach) and I liked the yellow and blues together.

I only have to add a label and wrap it up before Christmas. I know she will love it!

Also I realize that I didn't post this on a Friday. I had it all ready to go on Friday but I can never seem to find time to put my pictures onto the computer. So I downloaded the blogger app to my phone so I can hopefully add them more easily through here :)

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Holly Case said...

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