Saturday, January 12, 2013

WIP Weekend

Normal people like to do their works in progress on Wednesdays, but I'm not that normal. Really, I just got so caught up in what I've been working on that I forgot to write up a post. So earlier this week I posted about the pinwheel I started with my Gypsy Girl charm pack and I finished the top the other night. I love the prairie points! I couldn't get them just right in the corners, but oh well, they look cute anyways. I'm currently working to free motion quilting.

First try at FMQ

The "We Bee with it" bee this week. The host this month requested a block for a pillow rather than a quilt, so she left us to our own devices. After lots of searching on pinterest I finally landed on this post for a quilted pillow:

I made my first set of hexies and just finished quilting it today. I couldn't just send her an unfinished pillow, and adding a back and binding won't be much harder. We are supposed to do two blocks a month anyways because it is a 6 month bee. I will post a picture of the finished product whenever my bee member gets it :)

I also started cutting out my fabric for my single star block baby quilt. I found this adorable one that I posted about last week and I figured out how to make it from another tutorial here. I will probably still join the starburst quilt-along, but do a single baby girl quilt. It is much girlier and I can't think of any baby boy fabrics that would really work. I don't want to do a white background. I'm thinking pink with an all white star. Simple with solids would be beautiful...if I can get my piecing accurate. Here is a little mock up that I made on paint. Just put the simple shapes over a picture of the block so it is very rough:
Feel free to take it and add your own colors. I am all for helping other. I could never create anything without lots of guidance, inspiration, and patterns from other blogs and books that I have found.

I signed up for another bee: Get Your Hex On. It's all about EPP hexagons. I have only done a few but I'm excited to do more. I found this tutorial to make a hexagon holder and I have finished all the hexies to make the cover and now I am piecing them together, slowly but surely. Hopefully I can work out all my mistakes now so that when I go to make some for other people they look really good. 

Well, that is all I've been working on. I really need to set some of these aside for awhile and start working on my Lemon Square quilt so that I can link it to the Lovely Year of Finishes. Thanks again for stopping by!

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Stacey Napier said...

So glad to have you in Get Your Hex On! We are going to have some serious fun this year!