Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Sale!

I made my first sale! Unfortunately it was over Christmas break so I had to go home one day to ship it off. It feels good to know that someone else likes what I made--although they haven't received it yet so they still can change their mind! But hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. I started off making blankets for baby boys because I noticed so many baby girl blankets and there was nothing for me to buy for my two little guys. So I whipped out a half a dozen blankets and posted them on etsy. They sat there for awhile and I fell in love with quilting, so I stopped making blankets. But I finally sold one of my first blankets-my favorite one too.
Sorry I'm sideways! This is my youngest and resident blanket model.
The cute animals are a flannel from Micahel Miller and I bought the rose minky from fabric.com. I just did a quick rolled hem and curved corners. It sewed up quick--it took longer to clean up all the stray minky hairs. I'm defiantly going to do this combo again, but I will have to charge more because these fabrics aren't cheap.

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