Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Workspace!

Welcome today for the Studio Spotlight! Linking up from over at Ellison Lane. I work in my dining room and store my supplies in my son's closet (what? He's not using it! Haha). This week I took it upon myself to make it more presentable. And more workable. This is what I was working with before:

It really just got out of hand from not sitting down and organizing it after I would come home with new fabric and not putting things away correctly. So I locked the kids out of the room (and left them with the husband, not alone!), and pulled almost everything out. I refolded all my fabric and sorted better.

Home Dec and some fabrics for a few dresses I have planned.
I really need more cool colors! I love my pinks ;)
Lots of greys, some neutrals and blacks, LV, multi-colored to the right 

I guess I don't need to buy any more batting for awhile...

A few quilts in the works, Chicopee and A Merry Little Christmas high on the list

Solids and scraps.

I sew on my dining room table. I love all the natural light (although it makes it hard to picture) and that it is open to the kitchen to the left and the living room (which I am standing in to take the picture). But it is too open if you know what I mean.

Here is my little guy "helping" mommy. And touching everything. I wish I could close a door and lock them out sometimes, but then I would miss them and they would whine at the door anyways!

It is usually a mess and I have a lot of cleaning whenever anyone comes over, but I'm glad to have a space to create and enjoy my family. I am just hoping that our next house is a little easier to close off. I hope you enjoyed stopping by and come back again! I have a few mini tutorials coming up including my favorite way to do minky blankets and sewing bulky corners with paper piecing. Thanks!


Barb and Sharon said...

It feels so good when you get everything organized. It only takes me 1 or 2 projects to mess it up again. :)

todd ikey said...

Before and after pics... I like the before pics more... its more bohemian and reminds me more of my stash closet!

Those blue blocks are looking pretty choice :)

Mary Marcotte said...

Ah, a neatly folded stash....what a joy. For about 10 minutes! Then it's back to reality and piles and loads and messes. Let the little one help--give him scraps and strips. My granddaughter terrorized our Maltese with her version of a dog collar. For a while he would growl the moment she walked into the door. :-) Thank goodness she finally grew out of that!