Sunday, August 4, 2013

ALYoF August Goal

My one and only goal this month is to finish my quilt for Inspire at do. good Stitches. I got the last blocks in not too long ago and I'm trying out some different layouts. This is the first idea I had. I have put up a design wall after this picture, but right now I have a WIP taking up most of the room that I need to finish up first. 
Inspire progress
I was thinking about raw edge appliqueing clouds all over once it's pieced together. I might incorporate it into my quilting.

Speaking of quilting...the last times I've tried free-motion I have had crazy tension issues. And every time I use the zig-zag stitch my thread starts bunching funny and breaks. I guess I'll have to take my machine in to get serviced soon. At least I have the 1 year check-up for free. So while that is in the shop, I'll shall keep busy with these:

Octagon Progress

And this:

It is a hand quilted map with "Home is whee the Air Force sends us" at the top and a little embroidery for each station. I've done this center portion this evening off and on while I can and I'm pretty happy with the results. The finished quilt will be a wall hanging that finishes about 36"x40" that I will be proud to hang up at every new house. 

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