Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Finished Airplane Quilt: For Charity

May was my month to quilt for the group Inspire at do. Good stitches. I chose to make red, white, and blue airplanes. It is so easy to make baby girl quilts, so I am trying to do boy quilts and mainly older ones. So I received all these wonderful airplanes from some lovely ladies all over the country.

Almost done!

I actually had 2 too many! But I decided to leave them out because it was easier to make the 4x5 configuration for a nice sized toddler quilt and fit better with the minky backing.

20 airplane blocks pressed and ready to be trimmed (with my new Olfa splash!) I will finish my #Alyof goal this month!

I did free-motion loops and clouds quilting on the top with the batting. My machine has been having tension issues and I was afraid to free-motion on minky. So this was the best choice. I think it turned out great. I love all the texture on the front. Here is a close up of the quilting: Loops and Clouds! I just went for it and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

I love the solid red minky on the back and the nice textures on the top. And no binding! I always procrastinate on binding, so I decided to skip that part too. It seems like I did a lot of short cuts, but this had just as many steps as a normal quilt.

Finished Inspire at do. Good stitches airplane quilt

Here is my finished quilt with my lovely husband taking a break to hold it up for me. He's so sweet with giving me extra time to sew and staying up with me late while I try to finish. It has been raining every day here, so trying to get a picture has been difficult. So dreary and no sun!

Finished Inspire at do. Good stitches airplane quilt

And trying for inside wasn't any better. These little monkeys wanted right on it. I guess it's a hit! I hope so because this quilt is my Lovely Year of Finishes August goal (goal setting here). I am also entering it for the 100 Quilts for Kids at Swim Bike Quilt.
Updated: I handed off this quilt to my local Linus Project coordinator and she is finding an appropriate recipient .
Quilt Stats:
12" Blocks pieced from the wonderful ladies at Inspire at do. Good Stitches and tutorial from Badskirt
Pieced and quilted by me on my Bermimi with light blue thread (a Bernina 330)
Finishes about 45"x55"


DeborahGun said...

such a fantastic quilt :-)

Love Of Quilts said...

That is a darling quilt for a little boy.

Sue Daurio said...

Oh that is super sweet! And look how much your boys love it. Someone is going to have sweet dreams with that beauty.

Anonymous said...

This quilt is so darling. I love how the colour choices and pattern work together.

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

I love the clouds you quilted. The color scheme is so great--its really all around lovely. And thanks for linking up to 100 Quilts. Happy quilting!