Saturday, September 7, 2013

September's Goal

I was going over my list of things I need to finish this month, and it is quite large! And then I was thinking about all my WIPs and asked myself "why do I do this?!" I have so many projects started or fabrics pulled. I made a list:
First up is my Crazy & Twisted starter. I am looking forward to this travelling quilt bee, but not too much for the shipping prices! I've started here with this fabric pull: It's due to ship off by the end of the month.
First quadrant done!

Initial fabric pull

Remember this star quilt? I finished quilckly and have all the fabric for backing, but I still need to get it together. I think I will straight line quilt in the main star so I can tackle it at home.
And less than 24 hours later she's done! Thanks @jenib320 for the tutorial. Now onto the back. Tonight? Challenge accepted.

On Monday I am taking this simple patchwork quilt and trying my hand on a long arm machine! An old family friend just moved close and said I could come try it for free! I think I will pay her to finish if I don't get it all done myself.
Jungle patchwork progress

I have this cute constellation fabric cut into 4" squares just waiting to be sewn together, but I just haven't had the time between bee blocks and other projects I've been obsessing over.
Beautiful Constellations fabric

I also need to...
1. finish quilting my Bella Hex Quilt (almost there!)
2. Buy a backing and quilt the Modernized D9P (top done)
3. Put together my LV octagons (Blocks complete)
4. Finish my "Home is..." hand worked wall hanging (in the hoop)
5. Work on my sister's Christmas wall hangings commissoned by my mom (fabric pulled)
6. Briar Rose Inside Out quilt top (fabric pulled)
7. Chicopee Scrappy Trip (all cut!)

But for the goal this month I really want to finish the quilt top for my Granny. She is going to dialysis and I know she really could go any day although she has kept kicking through a heart attack, amputation from diabetes, and kidney failure. She's a fighter. So I want to make this flower filled quilt to brighten up her days indoors and keep her warm during treatments. Here is my inspiration from Canoue Ridge Creations:
i have the best mom&dad // they are my biggest cheerleaders, always wiling to take part in a quilty photo shoot (even in the cold!) ❄❄ #finishit2013
Granny Square Quilt by Canoue Ridge Creations on Flickr
Linking up with Fiber of all Sorts for my September goal.

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Yvonne@thatssewcreative said...

That granny quilt is just beautiful! Love it!