Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Triple Zip Finish!

I got to put together my triple zip today :) And I probably only spent about an hour on it (with lots of baby breaks in between.) I had first picked out some Bella fabrics, but couldn't find or decide on any zippers to match. So while at A&E I noticed they had Noteworthy yardage and it looked so cute I couldn't resist. I picked up 4 half yards to add to my stash and some coordinating zippers. Here is how my little pouch turned out:
Noteworthy Triple Zip
By the way, I'm on Flickr too. I have a few more pics over there. You can find me here:
[I can't seem to be able to link my photos directly from Blogger, so I need to figure that out eventually]

I think I will probably make this again. Probably this week. It's fun and easy. The only thing I would change is make the largest lining a smidge smaller. Maybe it was because I had to use batting instead of the fusible fleece because I couldn't find mine. And since the bottom notebook paper fabric wraps around the back, it is upside down, so next time if I am using a directional print like this one I will put a seam together on the bottom so that they are both upright. Does that make any since? Anyways, I've also updated my WIP and page. I am going to keep it updated and link at least my finished quilts to their  final post.


MBMathis said...

When I made my second one, I made my outer fabric an inch longer rather than sacrifice the inner pocket size, but I had the same issue in terms of it being a little tight for space, and I used fusible fleece.

Melissa said...

It is so cute! I have been wanting to make one of these :)