Saturday, April 13, 2013

Some finishes

I forgot to post about these little baby quilts that I had finished a while ago.
I picked up a cheap Gypsy girl charm pack from Missouri Star Quilt Co during one of their daily deals during Christmas, and once I got home from visiting family I whipped up this cute top:
Finished Gypsy Girl Quilt
I had finished the top within a couple of days and started to quilt it, but got tired from the dense quilting and set it aside for a couple months. I picked it up again earlier this month and finished the quilting in a day and even put the binding onto the back, but once again I forgot about it under a pile of more important projects.
Finished Gypsy Girl Quilt
I finally machine stitched the binding within an hour last night and snapped some pictures while playing with my son in the backyard (I really need to find a better place to take pictures, but it is easiest with my little ones just to run out back). While posting on Flickr I realized that everyone else had their prairie points pointing outwards. It is super cute that way, but I don't know if I want to change mine. I was happy with it before I saw everyone else's and it makes mine unique I guess.
Finished Gypsy Girl Quilt
I really love the texture that the dense quilting creates. And isn't this backing fabric adorable? I love the bright colors and birds. I'm pretty proud of this beauty and will be posting on my etsy page.
Another pleat bag
I made this pretty pleats pouch for my mom while she was visiting. This medium size is rather large (and I thought the small one to the right was decent sized when I made it first too). I used some Kona Modern Quilts in the Berry colorway with Kona Peacock accent and a purple zipper.
Baby Quilt Finishes
Lastly is another one of my favorite finishes lately: my Life in the Jungle quilt. I love the little animals and the simple patchwork. I did mess up a one small part of a seam that came undone in the wash, so I have to figure out how to fix it before I list it. I might just keep it for myself my boys. The only problem I have with the quilt is that I think the bright orange and green stand out too much. And I didn't have enough of the dark gray hatch to do the binding like I wanted. But overall I still think it is adorable.

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