Monday, April 29, 2013

ALYoF April -- I did it!

I finally finished one of my goals! I'm so excited. I set out to finish my Les Amis quilt top and bind my Gypsy Girl quilt and I did both! I'm so glad I finished these finally, and I did both in one afternoon each. I don't know I had put them off for so long. I even have my Les Amis mostly quilted, so hopefully I can finish it in the next week or so and put better pictures up. But here are some to enjoy:

Scout Quilt with Les Amis

Scout Quilt with Les Amis

Finished Gypsy Girl Quilt

Finished Gypsy Girl Quilt


capitolaquilter said...

The palette in your Les Amis quilt is so fabulous, congrats on making your goal.

wobblybobbin said...

I love that les Amis quilt! I think that pattern is perfect for your fabrics.

Jane Holbrook said...

That darling baby on the Les Amis top.. priceless photo of those sweet little toes... And the quilt top is pretty. Love the simple, modern colors and design. Your gypsy girl finished up nicely, too. Funny how we put stuff off and then it ends up not taking so long once we sit down to it. I blogged about the same thing. Keep finding time to sew. xo