Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Q2 Finishes!

Time to wrap up quarter 2! I actually got some accomplished! See original goal list here.
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1. Les Amis Scout Top  CHECK!
    Check out the finished post over here.
2. Giant Hexagon Bella Top, nope. This will be on Q3 for sure.
3. Fresh mini quilt club. I didn't get to a single one! I still have March's sitting behind my sewing space on the wall. I think July looks really great, so I might just skip to that one if I have the time.
4. My sister's quilt. Haven't touched it. I think I might start over. I made the zigzags too big and it just looks off. It needs some inspiration.
5. Jungle Patchwork top Check!
    I don't have a completely finished picture, but here is one of it just needing a few last seams.
Jungle patchwork progress
It's all done now and I have a friend that is going to let me rent her long arm in August for free! I am super excited to get to try it out.
6. Constellations. Looks exactly like it does in the last picture I posted. I am still excited about it, but I have too many different ideas on how I want it to look. I am thinking of just doing simple patchwork and throwing one larger star in there. Sort of like this pillow:
Wonky Universe Pillow
Wonky Universe Pillow by SqueekCrafts on Flickr
7. Scrappy trip. I started cutting out strips, but I just wasn't feeling it. Then I bought a FQ bundle of Chicopee after I saw a scrappy trip using the line and that is my new goal. I haven't had time to start cutting, but I have a feeling that once I do it will be a quick finish.

So 2 out of 7. Not bad, but not great. Hopefully I will do better next quarter!
Now I'm off to pack for our weekend trip to Atlanta. We leave 6 hours and I only have clothes packed. Off to be a busy bee for the rest of the day.


Love Of Quilts said...

Pretty quilt top! Good luck learning the long arm. said...

Wow, your list is large. Great list of goals.
I am so glad you liked my pillow enough to use it for inspiration :-). I actually posted it here: