Monday, March 25, 2013

Quickly, quickly

March is flying by quickly at my house. My husband finished up his first half of training about two weeks ago and has had most days free while waiting for the rest of his class to catch up so we have been taking advantage of our time together to do stuff as a family. Including a week long visit from my parents. Im glad they are gone but of course I will miss them too. They kept the little ones entertained, but I had to entertain them. Once they left I realized I needed to crack down and start my bee blocks. I have all of them done now and ready to do some more of my own stuff.

I finally finished my first mini from the Fresh Mini Quilt Club. I love the colors. The pattern is emailed every first of the month so the next one is almost here. Once I see it I am going to decide it'd I want to make 12 minis or take some of them and put them into a bigger quilt sampler.

Fresh Mini Quilt Club

Now if only I could finish my March goal...I really don't see it happening, but you never know when I will get some free time :)

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Izzy said...

I love the colours in your mini. Very nice.