Friday, March 1, 2013

March Goal Setting

I am setting my goals for March a little more reasonable. My parents are coming into town for a week, then my husband and I are taking the boys to Universal. I might be able to get a little sewing done while my mom is here to watch the kiddos, but probably not. So for March I am going to keep it to one baby quilt and my bee blocks.

Giant Bella Hexies

I have been holding on to a Bella layer cake and had a couple different ideas for it (like here and here), but I finally decided to try some machine piecing hexagons. Since I am in the Get Your Hex On bee, I have been doing a lot of studying on hexies lately and decided to give this a try.

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todd ikey said...

I can relate! Too many goals for January, didn't learn my lesson in the shorter month of February... so just one goal for March for me! I am loving your hexie work (just checked out flickr). What is the navy blue fabric you are using above (bottom left) - I like!

jeifner said...

Oh good, I'm glad you're using the fabric. It's too pretty to just sit on a shelf :)

Lyanna said...

Machine pieced hexies?? That sounds crazy fun.

I did a pillow with hand pieced ones, and I'm not sure I would ever want to make an entire quilt that way. Maybe when the kids are grown ;)

capitolaquilter said...

I've been holding onto my bella also. Hex On bee sounds fun and you are off to a great start.