Wednesday, March 6, 2013

On my table: WIP Wednesday

A little peak into what I'm working on. I can never just sit and do one project. I like to combine steps. Since I work off of such a small space I have to set up to iron or cut each time. Here you can see I was doing all my piece work for my Fresh Mini quilt and one of my bee blocks.

Fresh Mini Quilts fabric choices
The colors are a bit off in this picture.
The outside purple ring really messed up in this picture.

And I've cut up half of charms for the Amy Butler Charm Swap.

But now I have to clean my table off and scrub the rest of the house down...My mother is coming into town and is a clean freak. She says she doesn't mind a mess, but even after I clean up to my standards she will still think it's messy. A lose, lose situation if you ask me. But my place needs a good cleaning and she is good motivation. 

Are you ready for a good spring cleaning?

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